The Many Thoughts Behind A Single Cape
First, let me start by saying that a cape is a very personal article of clothing. From running around the house with a baby blanket tied around one’s neck as a child, to watching supermodels make them “relevant” again, the cape has been everywhere. My sister and I were joking about the many ideas behind a cape and we narrowed it down to four simple mindsets.


How a kid sees a cape: 

The signature blanket cape makes every child feel invincible. From jumping on couches to making forts in the neighbors backyard, kids fought against the evil villains of nap time and did their best to be the heroes in a game of capture the flag.


How a girl sees a cape: 

Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Twiggy. These are all style icons who have rocked the cape better than most women rock anything. From the runways of Paris to the streets of New York, women flock to stores to purchase this timeless (and armless) piece of fabric. 
Source: Fashion Bomb Daily

How a guy sees a cape: 

Where are your arms? Why are you wearing a trash bag? Can I hide under here? Your poncho is so warm!

How TheClosetDime sees a cape: 

Dress up, dress up, dress up!
Now that you understand the categories, comment below and let me know under which group you fall.