The Eve of Thanksgiving

                                                 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! 

His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 107: 1

flannel: Forever 21 Men // jeans: Aritzia // wellies: Target 
I guess this blog post is where I tell people what I am thankful for and use trendy words like “fall” and “plaid” and make sure I have a few giant leaves in the photos (okay, I caved on that one). I really am thankful for a number of things but most of them are cheesy and personal friend/family memories that would be boring for you guys.
Thanksgiving is a great way to reminisce about past holidays and eat way too much pie. On any given Thanksgiving, you’ll find me eating an entire plate of mashed potatoes. You’ll also find me taking embarrassing photos of my sister, who like clockwork, falls asleep on my grandparent’s couch. That thing has a way of sucking you in after a turkey leg and some stuffing. 
I don’t have much else to say because although I love that you guys read my posts, I hope you’re spending your time poking fun at your crazy parents and sharing memories with your siblings! I’d love to hear how you guys spend your Thursday even if it’s ordering sushi instead of watching people fight over the wishbone. 
Stay safe this season!