The Cold Shoulder
dress: H&M; // sweater: Nordstorm // booties: Target
Ever wish you could be that cool coffee house girl? You know, the one who studies in trendy clothes and effortlessly pairs booties and cardigans with everything? I study in sweatpants and messy buns (not the Pinterest kind) and I look like someone woke me up to the sounds of the Jungle Book elephants march. Not a very pretty site. Anyway, I was grabbing coffee and saw a girl studying in the corner while wearing a dress!! I don’t know how this happens but I became appalled and envious all at the same time. To the super cute and corner cappuccino chick, this one’s for you.
Okay, so I don’t actually know if she ordered a cappuccino, but you know what I mean. This H&M; dress is actually quite comfortable but I still probably wouldn’t wear it to a study sesh. I love the embellished shoulders and the gold and metallic beads paired nicely with my new obsession, this all too fun **cardigan. I’m a little bummed that I paid full price for it, but lucky for you guys, it’s 40% off right now!! Congratulations on not being so eager and waiting for the sales like mama taught you.
** The second link only carries two colors but it is significantly cheaper! If you’re not picky about the color, click on the second link and see the sale options. If you’re looking for the exact color that I have, (Black/Ivory) click on the link directly below the images. 🙂