Ted Baker

Cropped Turtleneck Sweater: Target // Ichlibi Satin Bow Pump: Ted Baker London // Jeggings: Rag & Bone  or  Nordstrom Rack

I’m trying to keep my look rather simple these days. I know you can’t tell from the Ted Baker pumps (hello, Carrie Bradshaw), but other than that, I am completely ready for a closet detox.

When starting 2018, simple seems better. I get worked up about schedules and missing deadlines, and fashion can either help distract me from the stress, or cause more trouble than its worth. For this reason, I am am preparing for looks that are functional and versatile. How am I going to do this? By sticking to the staples.

Comfort AND Cuteness

These jeggings are a go-to for several outfits, but they’re not the only ones. Cotton On, for example, makes on pair of jeggings in over a dozen colors. I find a pair I like, give them to my sister to break in, and repeat the process with 2 or 3 more pairs. I now have 3-4 pairs of pants that I can wear with several kinds of shoes and tops/jackets.

The same basic concept works for these winter sweaters as well. I can’t get over this cropped turtleneck. It’s comfortable, keeps me warm and is less constraining than most turtlenecks. Target carries this particular cropped sweater in two colors (I bought them both), but they have hundreds more in their stores just like it.

Bottom line? You can mix and match, and match and mix!

The Only Compromise

I only compromise on one (err, okay two) things. Shoes and accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above buying a $3 pair of pearls at The Icing. (Is that store still open?) But I will always splurge on something if I feel like it’s timeless. A Michael Kors watch, for example. Or these Ted Baker London satin pumps for cryin’ out loud! I mean, seriously guys, are these not magical?!

This look is not iconic. It is, however, functional, cute and works well with my body type. The best part? It can be stolen by other cute babes who want to make it work for their look! Grab a few staple pieces from your closet and wear them in a new and interesting way. Who knows, you may have just saved yourself a trip to the mall. (You’re welcome.)