Surviving the Weather with a Side Braid
Well, it doesn’t seem like we will be getting rid of this crazy weather any time soon. I spent all day in soaking wet tennis shoes because of the constant downpour of rain, and now it’s supposed to be 27 degrees and completely sunny tomorrow! I don’t get it. I’ve started losing hope for my hair on these types of days and I have been wearing more braids and up do’s. I can’t trust the weather and my hair to play nice.
This post is going to be short because my parents are coming in to town tomorrow and my house is a disaster. It looks like a tornado picked up all my belongings, spun them around, and then put everything in the wrong place. The one constant? My sister, who has been glued to Hulu all evening (thanks for the help). I’d stuff everything in my closet if it wasn’t already crammed with hats and capes, and I can’t even use my car for storage because that’s where most of my shoes already go. 🙂 I’m not sure how I fit everything in this place, but I’ve somehow managed to leave the mess to the last minute. Again. Because it is so late in the game, my only plan is to eat all the junk food in my house, stuff the donut boxes inside the pizza boxes, and leave them outside my neighbors door. Someone please remind me to do a better job of planning next time.