What do you get when you combine a grownup with an entrepreneur and trendsetter? You get the best collaboration ever!

I work in an office, I work from home and I work on the road. Often all in the same week! This means I have a busy schedule full of different styles and looks to match. While I change my outfits, I don’t want to have to change my watch with every look. Jord has created the ultimate watch to meet all of my style needs, and I’m excited to be wearing it all Summer long!

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Working from home looks messy. It often includes a half empty pot of coffee and some sort of bunny slippers. Because I work with multiple devices and programs, I often lose track of time. Jord has been helping me with that! This sleek watch doesn’t make me feel overdressed even when at home, and the easy to read face is perfect when I take a quick glance in between tasks.


Working on the road is all about chasing adventure. As a blogger who aims to look like a cool kid at Starbucks, I often wear my watch when I’m planning my next big trip or photoshoot. It makes me feel presentable without being overdone, and I’ve even received compliments by male and female clients that I’ve collaborated with!


Working in the office can look starchy, but luckily I’m in the creative sector. I have more freedom than most to wear what I  like. This watch is perfect for meetings with new clients, and goes well with both black and brown items in my closet. It comes in handy when I leave my phone at my desk for meetings, and helps me be on time for things I really can’t be late for!



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This watch was given to me by Jord for the purposes of promotion.

All products have been tested by myself, and all thoughts are my own.