Style With Confidence
jacket: H&M; // denim: American Eagle // infinity scarf: Vince Camuto // boots: Necessary Clothing
I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style lately and what makes something “hot or not”.  All of my research has been in my head and my opinion is not even close to being professional, but I did come to a few conclusions. 

1. Perspective is everything: 

For me, there are very few fashion rules that are definite. A lot of people will only pay full price for items and never check out the sale rack. That is a shame in my book considering that one of my favorite coats is from the children’s department at Wal-mart. There is no room for discrimination in my budget. There are also folks who will stick by Ralph Lauren’s infamous yellow dress just because Blake Lively wore it. People, it’s okay to not like the dress even if you like the girl in it! I try to stick to my gut if I like something and not get bogged down by the price or fancy tag name on something that costs more than a tank of gas.

2. Confidence goes a long way: 

A lot of style is convincing people to say, “why didn’t I think of that?” There have been a few outfits that I was on the fence about and decided to try anyway. What started to make all the difference was how I wore the clothes with confidence instead of being afraid that people wouldn’t like what they saw. For example, I happen to love overalls even though some people are convinced that they work only if worn while driving a tractor. It doesn’t matter to me because I style them how I like and have met people who have started to branch out and wear them because they like them no matter if people look a little concerned when they walk in to a sushi bar (okay, that was actually me who ate eel in overalls). I’m not an expert on clothes, but I like what I like and trying new blends of style is part of the creative process. **Keep in mind that I still have to be talked down from some crazy style options and I am grateful for my sister who doesn’t let me leave the house looking any more ridiculous than usual. 😉 

3. You can’t please everyone: 

Just because I don’t love that crazy yellow dress doesn’t mean that I write the designer off completely. People are allowed to make style risks and it’s no one’s place to judge what someone else is wearing. I wear many different types of clothes and it’s difficult for me to stick to a particular stereotype of dress. I think that’s exactly how it should be! Sometimes your shoes will make you taller than the guy, and you will get some stares when you’re still wearing a scarf in April, but that doesn’t mean you should change your style for the comfort of others!  
Have something new you want to try but are afraid of what other people think?
Try. It. Anyway.