Somewhere Between a Donut and a Juice Cleanse


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Is it just me or do cameras really love taking pictures of pastries?! I’m serious, every time I see anything that looks remotely unhealthy, I have to take a dozen photos of it and then eat it with absolutely no shame or calorie counting.

My friend and I had the day off work and are both big believers of brunch so we decided to make a morning of it by going to a lovely little wine and pastry shop called Uppercrust. She also got me the shirt I am wearing from Truth Balance Virtue, a wellness and overall awesome t-shirt shop. If you’re having trouble reading the shirt, it says: somewhere between a donut and a juice cleanse. This more than describes my whole way of life, seeing as I try to be active and have the diet of a 9 year old. 🙂

You can find my scoop tee here, and make sure to tag @tbvapparel and myself (@theclosetdime) on Instagram for a chance to get featured!