Small Business Sister

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It has been a crazy few months trying to make a blog, business, and job work out perfectly, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. While juggling my own style with this blog, I also started a small business where I style other gorgeous darlings if they are brave enough to let me. This means that while I’m shopping for other styles around town, I’m also trying to get my own brand out there for the masses. Did I mention this costs money? It’s a crazy balance of buy/spend to make all of my master dreams come true, but what Millennial doesn’t have a few (dozen) side projects going on?

A couple of weeks ago I met another small business sister. Morgan (owner of the fabulous Cambridge Blue Apparel) and I sat down and talked about life, love, and most of all, clothes! We chatted about our small business experiences and she gave me all sorts of insight on my business model (now all I need is for someone to make sense of my taxes for me). She was a gem of a resource and I even got her to model one of our TCDshop shirts while we were together! When in doubt, always bring a photographer with you on these sorts of dates.

As a student, she started her own apparel brand and has her CB items in retail stores (how amazing is that) and she does it all while juggling school/family/life. She is a huge inspiration to those out there who are wanting to turn their big dreams into a growing business. If you haven’t looked at her clothes before, I would encourage you to do so ASAP. I’m fairly certain my little sis has kept her in business from the looks of her closet, but if there’s anything left in the shop then you would be wise to grab for yourself! Similar to an actual sister, a small business sister shares clothes just the same. I styled one of her adorable Cambridge Blue dresses here!

Finding likeminded individuals to chat and collaborate with is no easy feat, but I would encourage all you blog babes and entrepreneurs to really put yourself out there and meet as many business divas as possible. Having a small business sister like Morgan has not only shaped how I have created my own business, but it’s also taught me tons of lessons and padded my closet with new and cute items. 🙂