Skipping Graduation

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I love it when a vacation rolls around and you can dust off (ok, that sounds kind of gross) your favorite panama hat and gladiator shoes. Do you guys wear gladiators? Maybe it’s just me but I can never find the right time to wear them! Anyway, this adorable dress from Cambridge Blue Apparel was just what I was looking for to get me in the spirit for my trip back to Florida.

It’s graduation season and I had to make the rounds and cheer on the people in my life who got their diploma. It’s no small feat to graduate, and there are always so many feelings that go along with closing a chapter but it was only part of the trip! I actually ducked out of my own graduate school graduation and decided to go to another’s instead. I know it sounds crazy that I’m skipping graduation, but with so many crazy things that have happened this year, my own walk across the stage seemed less important.

The week in South Florida was spent riding bikes, going fishing, eating amazing food and making memories with some of my favorite people. It’s always a big celebration with you reach a milestone in your life, but the best part about it is the relaxation that comes after when you realize you have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Perfect bliss. 🙂

There will be times when I look back on this season of my life and with I could do it all over again, but for now I’ll take relaxing on a beach over taking final exams any day. Cheers to all of those adventurers out there skipping graduation.

  • I have skipped my Uni graduation as well. And my school graduation. I am just not good at attending events like that, always so much other stuff to do!
    (and by other stuff I mean being already on holiday, of course)

    • TheClosetDime

      Ha! i couldn’t agree more!
      There’s something to be said for celebrating with your family and friends but I’ve always found it to be much more relaxing if you don’t attend the ceremony!

  • Diana De Luca

    I agree with this so much! But, it’s my mom that really sees the value in the whole show of it…if it was up to me I’d be relaxing ♡