Sitting Pretty

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If you’re a blogger you’ll understand that sometimes your photos just don’t work. It’s either the lighting, the location or it’s you. I’m telling you right here and now it’s usually me.

For some reason we could only get good photos of me sitting down! It was ludicrous. But we made it work.

I didn’t have much to say in this post so I decided to turn it into a Splurge-or-Steal post! Below are all of the items I am wearing, in either a splurge, or steal. Go forth and create the look for yourself!

Sweater: Revolve  or  Old Navy

Jeggings: Rag & Bone  or  Nordstrom Rack (40% OFF RIGHT NOW)

Scarf: Burberry  or  Lulus

Pumps: Manolo Blahnik  or  Macy’s

Red Crossbody Bag: Fossil  or  Forever 21

Watch: Michael Kors  or  Nine West


If you want to see more Splurge-or-Steal posts, comment on the accessories in the last few articles and let me know!