Seasonal Scents – Perfume for Every Season

One of the best compliments you can give me is “Wow, you smell really good!”. I don’t know why, but that type of compliment carries more weight than “I like your shoes”. Maybe because the thought of someone thinking I smell bad would just be a terrible situation for me. Wouldn’t it be for anyone?!

Regardless, I started to realize that certain perfumes were getting more compliments than others, and that I tend to wear particular perfumes during specific times of the year. Below you’ll find my favorite seasonal scents, and get to see how I match the best fragrances to every season.

When compiling this list I took a few things into account. Not only did I think about the frequency in which I wore these scents, but also the likelihood that I’d wear them during multiple times of the year. Once I got that sorted, it was pretty easy to see who the winners were for each seasonal scent.

This is in no way my full cabinet of fragrances. I have other perfumes that I like or wear, but none that I spray on a regular basis. Nope, these babies are the cream of the crop, the spritz of the stage.


Elizabeth and James – Nirvana White Like with most winter fragrances, this scent is stronger than something you’d spritz on with a summer dress. It has a gentle musk and if you’ve ever tried other Nirvana scents, you’d find that this is the lightest of the family. Don’t let the pretty white packaging fool you! This is scent is stronger than most of the perfumes in my collection. Still in the floral family, the peony and musk carry a boldness that allows the fragrance to last all day.


Joie – Folle de Joie The holy grail of scents, this perfume in NOT easy to find. I almost wish I never stumbled upon it in a Birchbox sample because now I’m hooked and can never find it in stores. “Folle de joie” actually means “crazy of joy” in french, which is what I will be if I can ever get the company to sell bottles at Sephora. The fragrance carries citrus and woodsy florals so you don’t get too strong of a spray no matter how you wear it. It’s the most expensive item on my list, but it’s worth it.


Mermaid No. 1 Believe it or not, it actually took me even longer to find this perfume than the Joie scent. There’s something about paying for shipping that really gets my goat so I try to buy in stores when I can. I’ve talked about this brand before on the blog, but it really is the perfect summer scent. A mix of honeysuckle and orange blossom aromas completely take me back to the days when I’d play outside in my neighborhood and pick honeysuckles off of bushes. It compares to a lot of body mists that you’d find at Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works, but has a much better quality to it. It sprays like a mist, but wears like a perfume. Perfect for balmy and beachy summers.

I JUST found out that they are now carrying Mermaid No. 1 in a travel spray and they just came out with No. 2 and No. 3 travel sprays as well! I’m dying to try them out so if anyone wants to send me all 3 travel sprays to compare, I’d gladly accept.


Coach – Eau de Parfume The strongest of the bunch, this scent is my replacement for something I would have worn when I was younger (I wore too much perfume back then). I really liked the Burberry fragrances, but would spray too much of the product. I’m always careful to spray Coach in front of myself, and then walk through the mist. A little goes a long way. Like Nirvana, it has a strong musk and also some raspberry leaves and Turkish roses.


Our lovely honorable mentions, and items I wear throughout the year no matter what are

Marc Jacobs, Daisy and Chanel Chance, Eau Tendre. They’re cult favorites and I never get tired of their aroma.


Do you have a favorite scent? Comment below and I’ll give it the sniff test!