Saddlehorse Canyon Ranch: A Day in the Life
Howdy, y’all!
As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Oklahoma to help bring my sister (and all her belongings) back from her summer internship. While we were there, we spent some time on the ranch and were able to relax after a long summer of work and school. 
While my baby sis is a true cowgirl, I’m really more of a tag-a-long. 
On her off days we got to mess around in our old ’88 Ford (this baby is a true diesel).
As my sisters says, “Oklahoma girls only drive Ford trucks!”
I had such a great trip and avoided as many ticks as possible as I pretended to “help” my sis count Angus. (No, this isn’t what we actually wear when we are working but I couldn’t pass up the beautiful background.)

Shorts // Am. Eagle
Cowgirl Boots // Ariat
Circular Necklace // Boots & Arrows
State Bar Necklace // Flynnagin’s Footwear
Belt // Vintage Brighton
Arrow Cuff // Fossil

Glad to be back but already missing home. Until next time.