Romper – I’ll Take Mine To Go

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This seems to be the summer of travel for me and while I love visiting new places, it can be exhausting. Because I have been back and forth for the last several weeks, I’ve been packing very light and doing laundry anywhere I can. One of my favorite packing pieces? ROMPERS!

Not that I need to defend any romper because this single piece of goodness is totally on trend right now, but I will anyway. What’s great about a romper is that it is one piece of fabric. This means that other than a pair of shoes, the clothing portion of your outfit is complete in about 2.5 seconds.

Accessories like hats (a personal fav) and jewelry are just added bonuses and those are smaller and easier to pack. The other great thing about most rompers is the material from which they are made. Mostly some sort of satin or cotton blend, they fold well and acquire minimal wrinkles (especially if you snag a patterned one, such as the one featured above). Because of this, I can bunch it up in my suitcase as much as I want and not worry about the look of it post-flight.

Bottom line? Rompers are the bomb diggity and I think everyone should get behind (and in) them.


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