Robin Hood

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Did you guys ever watch Robin Hood as a little kid?! My siblings and I would watch it all the time and this cape made me wish I had Little John to post with me for these photos. This cape was a gift and I IMMEDIATELY got excited about the awesome ways I could style it.

I’m a sucker for a good poncho or cape, and this piece really is no exception to the rule. The neutral hues play well with almost any hair or skin color, and the fabric is cozy enough to wear indoors or outside. The berry pink lip was a bold choice on my part, seeing as I was mixing a few colors together, but I thought I’d give it a try!

To get this berry pink look, aim for a bright red color like NARS as a base, and add your favorite pinky color on top. If you’ve been loving the trendy matte look, watch my tutorial on how to get the perfect look! You can also build this outfit from scratch with similar items from here, here and here.

I’ll just be over here sleeping in and watching Robin Hood on my iPad. 🙂