Ring in the New Year with Sequins
I have started to notice an interesting trend about the holiday season.
1. Christmas is a time where people stuff their faces and take afternoon naps on the couch until the next meal.
2. New Year’s Eve is a time when ladies squeeze into the tightest and most flashy dresses to ring in the new year.
I am not one to complain, but don’t you think the plan is a little backwards? While I was trying to think of a way to dress up for December 31 without sucking in my Christmas ham all night, I remembered my very festive, very stretchy, sequin leggings. These embellished leggings are great for holiday parties and aren’t as constricting as I thought they would be. There is an elastic waist and the interior of the leggings are stretchy and mold to any body type. This look is just as flashy without worrying too much about the shape of a tight fitting dress or the number of Santa’s cookies consumed in the last three days.
Lastly, I was searching online for the best ways to ring in the new year and found an extensive list on Buzzfeed explaining creative ways to throw a New Year’s Eve party. Completely stumped about what to do? Take a look at the list! My personal favorites are items 32 and 40.
I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!