Raindrop Ready: Rainy Day Essentials
Good morning my little raindrops.

Anyone who has every lived in Florida knows the kind of midday showers that occur almost every afternoon in the summer. 
For us ladies, it’s a constant struggle to fix our hair, let the humidity chew it up and watch the rain spit it out just before our dinner date with the cute new boy. 

Why do we go through all of that? 

I don’t need to tell you what cute outfit to wear on your date (I trust your judgement) but I do want to show you the best ways to stay dry between meetings, meals and monsoons. 

1. The North Face Zoleen Jacket 2.  Burberry Umbrella 3. Hunter Boots
Although I hate putting a hood over my freshly curled hair, sometimes an umbrella isn’t enough. I suggest finding a fitted rain jacket (with a  hood) that keeps you dry but allows you to put a couple layers on underneath. Also, cold feet and wet jeans for the rest of the day are a no in my book. While the ankle rain booties are cute, they don’t keep me dry enough. I prefer the long Hunter boots that reach above my shins.

I hope you guys find ways to keep dry during these afternoon showers! 
Send me pics of your favorite accessories. I’m always looking for new rainy day essentials.