Pumpkin Patch
Every blogger needs a nice cliché post about a pumpkin patch in the fall and this is mine. 
tank: American Apparel // denim: American Eagle // crystal necklace: Etsy // circular gold necklace: Boots and Arrows // Fedora: Nordstrom // sunnies: Betsey Johnson
I hate to tell you guys this because I tried so hard not to show it, but it was way too hot to be outside during this post. I know the calendar says October but it was 90 degrees when we were taking pictures and being the picky person that I am, it wasn’t as fun as it looked. 
I hope you guys like the simple outfit that I put together. Pay extra attention to the two necklaces that I purchased from Etsy! Both are from shops that work so hard to customize each order that they receive. I haven’t stopped ordering from them so you know something must be working for them!
It was still a great weekend with friends and family and I am glad I got to partake in at least one fall tradition before I head back to the Monday tradition of falling asleep in my morning coffee. 
Zeba, my right-hand lady and cutest dog in the entire world, is hoping for cooler weather and so am I. Regardless, I promise to keep posting pictures even if it stays warm all season long.