Pumpkin Patch

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Because I am traveling this month, I had to get my obligatory pumpkin patch post out of the way early this year. My friends and I went to probably the cutest pumpkin patch I have ever seen and the amount of pumpkins to choose from were absolutely amazing! I went with two other friends and by the time we were done posing in front of every “pretty pumpkin” there was, (yes, we looked like maniacs) we almost forgot to actually buy the pumpkins that we loved so much.

After finally narrowing down which pumpkins were coming home with us, we got to the front and realized that this patch in particular, gives away stickers that you can stick on the pumpkin! Seeing as I am incredibly lazy, and would inevitably chop my finger off if I tried to carve anything by myself, I thought the stickers were the way to go. Yes, they were most likely for the kiddos, but I was probably more excited to be there than any of the tots running around.

Growing up in the Midwest, Fall quickly became my favorite season. With Winter being too cold, and Summer being very dry, Fall always had perfect weather and huge falling leaves all over the place. Going to pumpkin patches definitely brings back memories of growing up and picking the perfect pumpkin to scoop out the insides, carve the body and bake the seeds to chew on.

I’ll probably be too lazy for that big of a commitment this year, but who knows! Maybe I’ll surprise all of us and be creative for once.