Polar Bear

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This is it! The last post I will be writing in chilly Oklahoma before I head to Miami for the weekend! In true polar bear fashion, I decided to go with none other than a fuzzy vest and white long sleeve shirt. I thought it was the perfect wannabe outfit for someone who was trying to dress chic while not freezing to death (one can hope).

I am so excited to spend the weekend in sunny Florida where I can actually wear sandals and not worry about frostbite. I’ve been living in these ankle booties from Target but not this weekend! Even on a cold day it’s still a good 20 degrees warmer and being in a central time zone has been really throwing me off my game (I’ve yet to change the clocks on ANY of my electronics).

If  you’re getting a little ho-hum about so many outfit blog posts, don’t freak out just yet! I’ve got an awesome makeup post coming soon and hopefully I won’t be quite as pale for it.

Love all of you and happy Valentine’s Day weekend!


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