Playing Catch Up

Vest: Old Navy // Sweater: H&M 

It seems like all I am doing lately is playing catch up. With the blog, with with relationships, with pretty much everything. Why is that?! 

First of all, I’m a classic procrastinator. It’s something I have always done. Even when I feel like an organized individual, it doesn’t stop me from leaving things until the last minute. I also have many responsibilities that take me away from home. If you look back on the last dozen blog posts, over half of them were taken while I was on the road.

Although I can’t change overnight (I mean I could, but where’s the fun in that?!) I can make a few tweaks to make a big difference.

Stick To The List

I am a fabulous list maker, but do I ever finish those lists? Rarely. My new project is to write down my to-do’s on a piece of paper and force myself to do them so I can scratch each item off the list. If you don’t actively see yourself accomplishing items on the list, it’s harder to stick to a routine. I always “reward” myself by marking through something that is done. It’s okay not to finish an entire list every day. These things take time! The best thing to do is to at least be able to look the list at the end of the day, and see that you made it through something. The rest can be tackled the following day.

Clean Your Work Space

I’m terrible with this one. I grew up in chaos because my family was so large, and honestly, clutter doesn’t always bother me. I’m clean, just not always organized. This can be a real problem for someone like me, who has multiple jobs. Papers pile up, and you can easily forget to meet a deadline or finish a project. I’m getting (a little) better about having a clear workspace. TRUST me it doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I feel I can better tackle my responsibilities.

Figure Out What Works For You

I will never understand why people think there is only one way to be successful. It’s different for every person. Do you prefer organizational apps instead of hand written notes? That’s okay. Do you need separate calendar for different jobs? Perfectly normal. The most important thing to focus on is meeting your accomplishments. Don’t worry about how others around you meet their goals, just look at your own needs/wants and take it one day at a time.


Okay, okay, I know this is a broad subject, but it’s good to keep in mind when you feel like you’re treading water instead of sitting in a row boat. When you feel like you’re playing catch up, remember to relax and hit refresh. Maybe it’s as simple as taking it one project at a time.

If you have some organizational tips to share, comment below because it’s pretty clear I could use them!