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Plaid Flannel: Target Men // Tank: Etsy – theboldbanana // Denim Shorts: Forever21

Happy Monday y’all!

I have been messing with some menswear lately and am working on new ways to implement it into my own person style. Why am I doing this? Well, mostly I am just curious. Even boyfriend jeans aren’t actually mens clothing and I thinks menswear can often be more comfortable than women’s clothing, depending on how you wear it. Also, I often wander to the other side of the store depending on which department is having a sale, and let’s face it, sometimes menswear is just cheaper than ladies clothing! Ugh.

I have several siblings and we were always sharing clothes so I’m no stranger to hand-me-downs and other articles of clothing that weren’t originally intended for my body type. But in a world where skinny jeans are in one minute and out the next, I couldn’t help but think I can somehow mix the two sides of style to morph into an outfit that I feel comfortable wearing.

Ok, now for the funny part. I love this men’s flannel from Target (now 50% off!) because it’s a little oversized, and has a soft cotton feel. I also love this “fries before guys” tank that my sister sent me because I eat french fries almost every day (I’m not exaggerating). Is it a little hypocritical to wear a men’s shirt and a tank putting men behind fish and chips? I say no.

I’m wearing women’s high-waisted denim from Forever21, and it was pouring rain during the entire photo shoot which is why my hair gets progressively frizzy as the photos continue. (It’s the humidity!)

I would love to see how you guys mix up your personal style depending on what is currently trending.