Paynes Prairie
Last weekend my sister came to visit me and the weather was gorgeous! 
We decided to head over to a national park in the area and spent some time on the observation deck looking at the beautiful scenery.  Although the wildlife pretty much consists of birds and armadillos, it was still a lot of fun.
The fact that I love cream is nothing new.  This fringe top is lightweight and is actually long enough for my torso (insert brownie points).  I have also been seeing a lot of bell bottom denim lately and I love any excuse to wear these Ruehl jeans since I think their store is no longer in service.  🙁 
Unless I’m in yoga pants, I pretty much wear jeans every day and if I wear heels they have to be comfortable.  These wedges are perfect for walking around and add just enough height for my jeans to not drag on the ground.   
top: Altar’d State // jeans: Ruehl // wedges: Love Culture
Many thanks to my sister for taking these pictures!!