Packing Light: How Birchbox Saved My Trip

When given the challenge to help my baby sister bring her stuff back from a summer internship, I gladly accepted. A free trip and some bonding time? Sign me up!

I made it my mission to pack as little as possible, using only things from Birchbox. (Few people are aware of my Birchbox obsession, but those that are, know it well.)

This is what I brought: 
mascara, a twistband, hair oil, perfume, cheek and lip balm, chapstick and an eye shadow palette 

My sister overpacks more than anyone I have ever met and I was determined to pack my absolute lightest to make sure all her things came back home in one trip. 
No, a hairdryer did not fit, and yes, I borrowed her facewash, but other than that, this is all I used on the trip. 
I. Deserve. An. Award.

Thanks to Birchbox, I was able to bring only samples on the trip and save maximum space for the ride home. 

Let me know what Birchbox samples you’re addicted to! I’d love to try some of them.