Out the Door in Under 10
Due to our hectic schedules, my photographer and I have a limited window of time when we can blog each week. It’s almost always sporadic and I rarely have much notice. This means that my hair is never ready to go when it needs to be. I’ve blogged about day-two hair before, but with this cute bow, a spritz of dry shampoo, I can have a Cinnabon top-knot hair-do in a matter of minutes (no, seriously, it only takes 3 minutes).
I mentioned that I had no time to get ready, but thanks to my favorite article from New York, I don’t really need a “full” outfit. Pulling on a pair of leggings and a simple tank is enough to work with when you pair it with this coat, which happens to also keep me from getting cold. Since Florida has decided to betray me and be freezing cold this week, I wore leather leggings, which added more warmth than my signature cotton pair. Wearing a neutral colored bow and coat? That means you add a pair of neutral heels. I didn’t want to look too “childish” but I still love this pleather bow from H&M;, so I pinned it under the top-knot. This created a unique spin on a not-so-unique bow. 
This, my friends, is how you try to blog in under 10 minutes. Any questions?