Orange Power

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Facetime just wasn’t cutting it, so last weekend, I visited my sister in Oklahoma. We ate at all of our favorite restaurants, saw the chapel where my parents were married and took one million photos. It was one big reunion full of inside jokes, screaming “orange power” at the top of our lungs and catching each other up on all the craziness in our lives.

Seeing as she was the original photographer for the blog, it was only right that I begged her to snap some pictures of the outfits I planned for the trip. What was even funnier was when she turned out being a little rusty, I had no problem letting her know. 😉

She was a good sport the whole weekend and even let me borrow her adorable orange top, because I was in Cowboy Country after all!

It’s always sad to say goodbye and leave her when I know that we have more fun together than apart, but the short trip was definitely what I needed to get through a tough semester without her! Since we’re practically connected at the hip, I know it won’t be long until were “harmonizing” (erm, belting) our favorite Sia song in the car together.