Home of the original “Oklamerica” tee.

I haven’t been the best about blogging these last few weeks, but I’ve finally got a good excuse for you peeps. I’ve been working with some great brands recently to bring y’all some awesome content, and I’m finally ready to show you guys one of the brands! Oklamerica is a clothing company based out of Oklahoma (if you hadn’t already guessed). There were way too many photos to post all of them, but the owner and I wanted to show you at least SOME of the great content that was created for this post.


Take a look at a few ways I’ve styled their signature cottons this season.


Bison V-Neck





A true Okie at heart, I became a sucker for these shirts when I saw the bison sketch on Oklamerica’s Instagram. Realizing later that it was drawn back in 1964 by the founder’s father made me like the brand even more! They have several products to choose from, but I like their cotton v-necks the best. I wanted a longer one to wear with leggings, so I’m wearing a unisex medium. I paired it with a vintage flannel and over-the-knee boots, but they also go great with an old pair of cowboy boots.


Bison Tee





The owner first reached out to me when he saw my burgundy Minnetonka moccasins and said he had the perfect shirt to match! Don’t you think he was right on the money? The sleeves on this tee may be short, but that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it all winter long. I’ve layered it with several sweaters and boots, and I’ve already got my eye on their original Oklamerica tee.


Bison Hoodie







These shirts really are awesome for the whole family. When my brother was visiting, he ended up borrowing this hoodie twice because it was so comfortable and looked even better on him than me! The hoodie is great when your hair doesn’t want to cooperate, but seeing as it took me all morning to get my curls right, I opted out for these photos.

I really hope you guys will cut me some slack for not posting as much. It’s not easy to get three photo shoots together for just ONE brand! Nevertheless, working with Oklamerica really has been a blast and has turned me into a total product junkie. When you jump over to their website or find their clothing at one of the many brick-and-mortar locations, make sure to tell them The Closet Dime sent ya!