Oklahoma Girl

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I grew up an Oklahoma girl, and now that I’ve lived in a busy city, I’ve learned to appreciate the simplicity of a wheat field and a pair of dusty cowgirl boots.

It’s always a little surreal when I go back to my hometown. What I love most about Oklahoma is how laid back everyone seems to be. It’s as if some of the stress is removed and the mood somehow relaxes a bit. I realize I’m getting a little sappy right now but it’s an irreplaceable feeling!

I have no doubt that some of the enjoyment I get out of my visits comes from the cute donkeys that I get to feed and the endless supply of cowboy hats which are worn for any occasion (no kidding, people wear them to church).

As hot as it gets in the summer, I decided to wear jeans when I was “working” on the ranch. I say working because any time I actually do help out on the farm I don’t wear a pretty white shirt. That would be craziness. Anyway, back to me wearing jeans in 100 degree heat! There’s ticks and snakes and all sorts of creepy crawlers that a blogger has no business dealing with on a fancy fashion blog.  😉

This wide open space isn’t for everybody, but with the red dirt roads and wind speeds strong enough to knock my cowboy hat off, this Oklahoma girl is very content out here in the middle of nowhere.