Neutral Nail Polish Picks for Fall

I don’t need many fancy things, and getting my nails done is pretty rare. I went through a phase where I went every few weeks, but the cost adds up pretty quickly! Now that we’re in the height of the travel season, it’s easier for me to keep a bottle of nail polish in my purse than it is to make an appointment every other week to get my nails retouched.

Why paint them at all?!

Because I am a nail-biter by nature, I’m less likely to nibble at my fingers if I have them painted. Now, especially with gel top coat options for sale, I have gotten fairly good at doing my own nails! Plus, I always feel a little more polished (for lack of a better word) when my nails are painted! It creates a cohesive look without overdoing it.  

Below I’ve listed some of my favorite neutral nail polish picks for fall. Some I chose because of the price, and some because of the formula or wand application. Either way, all colors have been tested and given the big seal of approval!


Butter London

Mum’s The Word // Tea With The Queen

The best thing about Butter London is the formula. I’ve tried several colors and they all give the same great result! A bit pricy, I make sure to only buy colors that I know I’l wear time and time again.



Sand Tropez // Master Plan // Clothing Optional

Unfortunately the formula for Essie is not my #1. They do, however, have the best color selection that I’ve ever seen! I like how many different shades of similar colors they carry because it really is frustrating when you can’t find that one specific hue to match your look.


Runner Up Picks

Insta Dry – Petal Pusher // Salon Perfect – Sugar Cube

If I could use an Insta Dry wand on every single bottle of polish, I would! It’s hands down the best applicator. I also love the Salon Perfect white color because unlike most white nail polish, it doesn’t look streaky when you apply it.


Top Coat + Cuticle Care

Sally Hansen – Instant Cuticle Remover // Sally Hansen – Step 2 Top Coat

I use this cuticle remover gel to prep my skin. It gives a little moisture and helps my polish reach further to the back of my nail.  Lastly, I always use the Sally Hansen gel top coat! My sister, Meredith, recommended it and I haven’t bought another top coat since.


Find the adorable teacup here and here!


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