National Coffee Day!
Happy National Coffee Day!!
If you don’t know by now, coffee is my one true addiction.  I would drink it, snort it, shoot it or just about any other thing you can do to get it from my mug to my belly. Being National Coffee Day, I figured I’d tell you all about my favorite little coffee place in my hometown! 
The Poor Porker is a food truck that is in the middle of the Lakeland Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  They sell my two favorite things: beignets and chicory coffee.   
Yesterday when I went with my mom and little sister, we got ‘the traditional’ and ‘the poor porker’ which is featured in the picture below.  The traditional is definitely my go to, but my little sister loves the poor porker and it’s nearly impossible for me to say no to bacon. Ever. 
If you haven’t had a chance to try chicory coffee, do so immediately! Ordering it is a rare treat for me since there are few places in my area that sell it, and unfortunately, every time I try to make it myself, it’s just not as good as ordering it from a vendor.  

The Poor Porker’s website can be found here and I encourage all of you to go check out the food truck and taste all the goodies! 
Because they are few and far between, if you know of any other great beignet and chicory coffee places please let me know!