Matching My Shades One Swatch At A Time

I tend to flip flop quite a bit between splurging on quality items, and going fairly generic with others. I can easily have on $30 mascara and $2 Vaseline as lip gloss and not think too much about it. This quirk always seems to be the most noticeable when I’m traveling. Unfortunately, most brands don’t carry travel sized items in their products. Although some companies are getting better, I’m usually stuck shopping for yet another bucket of travel-sized items for upcoming trips. A lot of mini drugstore products don’t measure up, but this mini Sephora eyeshadow palette has really surprised me! I was able to match the shades and swatches with another product I already have an it makes traveling so much easier.

This Naked2 palette from Urban Decay retails for $54 (goodbye, paycheck) and is a high-end product. It has some gorgeous colors, but it also takes up a lot of room in my makeup bag. I’ve never travelled with it and it’s really frustrating since the colors are so pretty.

I made the mistake of walking into Sephora the other day (apparently I like spending money I don’t have on products I definitely don’t need). Anyway, while I was browsing, I stumbled onto this mini eyeshadow palette that has the same tonal colors in the Naked2 palette! The best part? It only cost me a cool $10.

I was in shock! Not only was it a great price, but it was a great product as well. The pigment was perfect, and it was a small enough palette to keep in my purse or travel makeup bag.

Did you think I forgot that Urban Decay already carries a smaller palette?

While they do have a Basics product, it is technically not just a more condensed version of the larger palette. It’s actually a completely different item all together. The colors are different pigments and have different names. Also, the smaller Naked2 Basics palette doesn’t have any shimmer colors, which I like to have the the arches of my brows and my cupids bow.

Not sure how to match the colors from one palette to another? I’ve paired the 6 Sephora color swatches to the Naked2 palette for you guys so you can see what would work best as replacement shades.

Miniature Palette vs. Naked2 Palette

  • Chantilly – Bootycall
  • Coffee – Tease
  • Praline – YDK, Suspect
  • Pecan – Pistol, Verve
  • Blackberry – Blackout
  • Meringue – Verve

One more thing I forgot to mention. You know how there are several Urban Decay palettes? Ex. Naked, Naked2, Naked3, etc. Well, The miniature palettes also have similar colors for those product as well. If you want to buy the mini palette even if you don’t have an Urban Decay one? Look at the palettes online and match them to your eye color in the dropdown bar. You’ll notice my palette is for brown eyes.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop searching for good travel products to take with me on the go. At least when it comes to eyeshadow, I can finally say that my search is complete.