Maroon and Moss
tank: Forever 21// pants: H&M; // leather jacket: Forever 21
From the very beginning, this outfit was kind of an accident. I love these satin tailored pants, and I wasn’t sure what to pair them with. First, I thought this moss green tank would be cute, but it wasn’t tailored enough and I ended up looking like a pair. Not the greatest of things to see in the mirror. I was a little bit determined to wear the tank, however, and I decided to knot in on the side in the hopes that it would eliminate the “frumpy” look. It did!
Next, I had less that cute hair going on and didn’t really have any inspiration happing in the ol’ noodle. (What to do, what to do.) There was sort of a “braid” thing going on in the back of my tank so my sister decided to braid the back of my hair (genius on her part) and boom, bam, add a leather jacket to make me feel like a character in Grease and we have an outfit!
Sort of random? Maybe. Tons of fun? Definitely.
Some outfits, no matter how hard you try, will not work out. It’s important to keep an open mind and try to think outside the box. In my experience, it’s usually worth the risk.