Mad for Plaid
dress: Forever 21 // scarf: Cotton On // boots: Famous Footwear // long sleeve shirt: Aerie // tights: Uniqlo
Am I dreaming or is it finally chilly outside? 
I have been seeing so many people post photos of the first snow fall and all I can think is “man, I’m sweating in this 80 degree weather.” Luckily, flannel shirts in Florida are sleeveless and the dresses are extra short. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up because it actually was cold this morning, and I was able to wear tights and a scarf without getting funny looks (because people are still in flip flops around here). 
I am always a little torn because I like warm weather but miss seasons and being able to wear layers without having a heat stroke in the process. You people will be seeing more plaid, however, because I have purchased way too much of it recently and can’t seem to wear anything else right now. I’ve been struggling a little bit to stay current with my wardrobe even though it’s abnormally warm here so a lot of the stuff that you will be seeing is my own version of things that are “current” while adding a warm weather spin to them. I highly doubt you’ll be seeing me in a fur parka any time soon. 🙂