A Little Boost of Confidence

Winter Romance Oversized Sweater Dress: Tobi // Haynes Ankle Booties: Cole Haan via Nordstrom Rack // Wanderlust Backpack: Tobi // Necklace: Boots & Arrows

No Good, Very Bad Day

There are just some outfits that make you feel like you have SO much sass. I was having a terrible day before these photos were taken. I wasn’t in the mood to pose, and I honestly didn’t feel like my best self. A few photos later and I immediately snapped out of it! It was crazy how several hours of stress could easily be tweaked by a little boost of confidence.

Not every outfit can do this, and believe me, I have plenty of bad photo shoots. But there’s something about getting out of your funk as quickly as possible and finishing the day strong. I’m a HUGE advocate for confidence and self-worth, and for me, that means feeling my best, no matter what that looks like.

I will always be a sucker for a good transitional piece of clothing. It doesn’t matter if it take you from day to night, or simply from bed to the airport. This sweater dress can pretty much do all of it. I tend to spend way too much time scrolling on websites like Tobi, but I can’t help it. There’s something about being able to find multiple pieces all in one place. I can find staples like leather leggings, signature pieces like sweater, and fun accessories like sunglasses and bags.

A boost of confidence can come from a number of things, so I’m not saying you should try to buy happiness with jeans and rompers. I am saying that it can be really nice to put on an item of clothing and feel like your best self! Before emptying out your wallet, here’s a few things you should consider.

Keep In Mind

It can be overwhelming to jump on a website that has so many options! I try to tailor my searches to what I’m needing at the moment, and use the filter bar to narrow down my search. This not only helps me from over spending, but it also ensures I actually get what I really want! This means less returns and more wears.

  • Go into the website with a set price in mind: Buy what you need so you don’t feel guilty at checkout.
  • Narrow down your search by color: If you don’t look good in yellow, don’t shop in that category. It’ll save you tons of scroll time.
  • Be sure to read the size charts: This is SO important! How frustrating to order the wrong size?! I ordered the sweater dress in a size small and it definitely runs a little big, but I don’t think all Tobi clothing runs big. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK!
  • Always, always, always hit the markdown section: There are tons of missed deals and it’ll save you money in the long run.
  • Wait for the HUGE sales to come around! Although getting emails from dozens of stores can be frustrating, it never hurts to check the website to see if there is a sale going on. Especially around the holidays, there are crazy Black Friday and Christmas steals! Also check back in January when most seasonal collections drop in price.

Do you have a favorite fall piece that gives you a boost of confidence? Share below because I’d love to see!


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