Leopards On My Feet
sweater: Forever21 // leggings: Victoria’s Secret // sunnies: Francesca’s // slippers: Target
I’m not sure if you guys knew this, but I am a writer for a website that obsesses over good tasting food. We mainly write for college students and give great restaurant tips. Basically, we look for any excuse to write about everything food related from incredible to inedible. Well, a couple weeks ago we were researching which stories to cover next and I immediately called dibs on the coffee shop that was pitched. After stuffing my face with scones and drinking waaay too much Guatemalan coffee for my kidneys to filter, I took some blog pics.
What comes to mind when describing sweaters and leggings? Simple, comfortable and classic. I started out with neutral tan, camel and gold colors, then added black, which goes with everything. Don’t make me defend my leopard flats because we all know they are the bomb diggity. 
Something you particularly want to see on the blog? Comment below and I’ll see if I can come up with my personal version of the look.