Leather Jackets and Gunmetal Jewels
With the amount of rain that Florida gets, an umbrella won’t cut it. You need a hood. I love this leather jacket because it has a hood that can zip on and off to cater to different outfits. It’s been raining a lot these last few days which makes it difficult for my hair not to look like something out of a space movie, and I have been using the hood more and more to cover up the crazy. 
The marble leggings are a bit edgy for my style but I thought I’d go for it considering I was already reppin’ the leather jacket and gunmetal jewels. These leggings are fairly old, but I found a similar pair online. They are not only comfortable but dry easily when going from place to place in the rain.
I’m currently wringing out all of my wet clothes so this post is short and sweet! The outfit was a lot of fun to shoot and I have a feeling this jacket will be in many more posts to come.