Know Your Worth

This shirt was inspired by a  true friend.

Through all of life’s trials, it’s important to know your worth.

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It’s been a busy summer with a lot of new and exciting changes. Because of my constant movement, I’ve been pleasantly distracted from missing some of the wonderful people in my life that I no longer get to see every day. When you move around a lot, you often reflect on what (and who) you leave behind. Even with several new adventures, I never forget those people who have helped me get to where I am today.

I have one friend in particular who has helped me learn a lot about myself in the last two years. She is smart and funny, but most of all, she is a good listener. It’s a little ironic because she talks more than I do (go figure) but when she launches into Super Supportive Mode, there’s really no stopping her. Through our friendship journey, we had a saying that we would repeat to one another when we thought the other person needed to hear it: Know your worth.

It’s one of those phrases that you could pass off as something you’d find in a fortune cookie, but to us, it meant much more.

It takes guts to be a young person and think you deserve the best for yourself. With immature relationships, hard classes and entry level jobs, it’s not always easy to light at the end of the adolescent tunnel. This phrase turned into our mantra any time we were at a crossroads and felt like we didn’t deserve what was being shoveled our way. It served as a reminder and a way to be supportive toward one another.

I have no doubt that this simple phrase changed the course of much of our decision making over the last two years, and even still today we talk about how it crosses our mind when we’re at a impasse.

This post could apply to anyone, but especially if you’re an impressionable young woman (like we were at the time) it applies all the more. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut is something we often felt. It’s no shocker that the instances when we took a leap of faith happened to be when we had each other to remind us of our worth. If you’re struggling with a tough decision, or don’t know how to stand your ground, don’t forget to be confident. Know your worth and demand to be heard even when you feel insignificant!

It was a really sappy post but I thought you guys deserved to know the reason behind the shirt!

P.S. There really is a friend, I’m not just saying that for the purpose of this post. 🙂


Know. Your. Worth.