Just Peachy

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Can it stay summer forever?!

I love this dress and it has been perfect for all of my summer adventures.

Mini story time: I almost didn’t buy this dress because I thought I wouldn’t look good in the color. The store also carried the dress in black and navy and I almost bought it in black before I stopped myself from buying another LBD for the umpteenth time.

Anyway, I DID splurge on the peach colored dress and I’m so glad I did! The peachy/pink color is perfect for summer and is light-weight enough to withstand the crazy heatwave that happened when I was in Kansas City (where these photos were taken). My little niece even got in on the fun!




I’m pretty sure she’s even more of a wanna-be model than I am!

If you’re worried about branching out with your wardrobe colors, don’t be. The perfect time to do it is during the spring and summer months! Bite the bullet and buy those crazy pineapple-patterned shorts that you’ve had your eye on for weeks. You won’t reget it, and if you do, send them my way!  😉