Is It Name Brand If It’s From An Outlet? I Say Yes.
I thought we were past this chilly weather but I must be kidding myself. It’s still freezing in Florida and I finally figured out why. I have an obscene amount of scarves for someone who lives near the beach and I realized it won’t get warm until I wear all of them! Lucky you. 
Two of my favorite accessories are boots and scarves. I buy way too many of them and wear them all too often. I found this scarf at the Banana Republic outlet store during 90 degree weather and still couldn’t walk past it. Originally $55, I got this little ball of fur for only $20. Why someone would ever pay $55 for a scarf, I’ll never know. The Aldo riding boots are also a personal favorite because they have a hidden wedge in the inside which lifts your entire back half (insert booty pop) without the uncomfortable feeling that comes with wearing heels. Lastly, the cranberry lip color was a no brainer when I realized it matched the pants perfectly.
I’m not personal friends with a weather man, so my outfits have been a bit sporadic lately, but I’m having fun with the continuous layering!