If I Had A Vest For Every Nickel I Owned…
I’m thinking of making a club for people who only wear vests.
This outfit was actually shot a few weeks ago before I dyed my hair, but I couldn’t resist posting! I was too busy to write about the outfit at the time, and am just now getting around to it. It’s still chilly outside and this vest seemed perfect for the occasion even though I have worn about a bazillion* vests this season. I sometimes worry I look chunky in puffer vests and I often stray away from them. I wasn’t able to do that with this vest, however, because it’s just too darn cute! 
I love working with neutral colors because they’re easy to update and mix. Any type of tans and browns are welcome, and greens and golds work with both light and dark colors. You know I can’t pass up talking about vests, but just to confuse you guys more, I will be back to posting pictures with dark hair soon! 
*Bazillion: “A very large exaggerated number.”
Seems legit.