How I Wore a Dutch Braid to a Danish Wedding
dress: Francesca’s // earrings: Target // shoes: Jennifer Lopez
This weekend I had the opportunity to see a great friend marry the man of her dreams. There were tears, laughs and beautiful twinkle lights. My only regret? Eating turkey for two entire days before the wedding. No form fitting dresses for this girl!
Wedding outfits can be kind of tricky because you want to look beautiful and not underdressed. You also don’t want to stick out and possibly offend other people attending the celebration. I was working on this delicate balance over the weekend in prep for the wedding. I planned on wearing a sweater dress well in advanced, but when I went to put in on, it didn’t feel right (I’m all about how it “feels” when I wear clothes). I felt way underdressed and it wasn’t even cold outside. 
Now what? The other dress that I brought home for the holidays was white, and that definitely goes against every unwritten rule in the imaginary wedding handbook. I can’t believe people don’t know this rule, but don’t wear white to a wedding. I was frantically scrounging around my suitcase for something decent to wear when I came up with a solution. I guess I have more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving seeing as I was able to raid my sister’s closet for this little number! Thank goodness for the Triple S: Same Size Sista. 
The hair was already decided long before the outfit (kind of backwards, I know) and was pleased with how it turned out. I am a big fan of the dutch braid but rarely know what I am doing. I almost always look like I’m twelve by the time I finish any braid. 🙂 I gave my hair a deep part so I could display these crazy (and super trendy) pearl earrings. I am a little obsessed with them and have worn them every day since the wedding. Call me what you want, this outfit repeater is pleased with herself.  
The entire weekend was a success and I felt so blessed to be back home and reunited with old friends. My last piece of advice? If you’ve eaten too much Thanksgiving food, and can’t say no wedding cake, choose a dress with no waist band and shoes comfortable enough for the Electric Slide.