Hold On, My Song Is Playing. — Alabama Shakes
Style can be influenced by a number of things. In addition to my surroundings, and my age bracket, a big influence for the way I dress is the type of music that I listen to. Have you ever found yourself listening to a lot of Alternative Rock and then wearing jeans with holes in them? Or maybe you listen to Gavin Degraw and think you should buy the next 15 fedoras you see (I listen to a lot of Gavin, if you couldn’t tell).
Brittany Howard, lead singer for Alabama Shakes, is a style icon, but not in the way you might think. I’ve never been inspired by her clothes, but rather, her voice. The bluesy rock music, mixed with the bands Georgia roots, make a sound that is you won’t find anywhere else. The perfect flow of music to listen to while studying, driving, or even relaxing, it can definitely influence your mood and type of dress. 
If I had to pick one artist to see at Coachella, it would be these cool cats. 
Here’s a video of the song that put them on the map, “Hold On”.