Hiking Essentials for Every Girl

It’s finally vacation time!

Other than having allergies, my boyfriend is the most low maintenance person I know. It’s really hard to be the Type A person that I feel like I am when he’s so easy breezy about almost everything. Because of this, I am trying to be incredibly conscious about what I bring on our big vacation this week!

We are headed to the Pacific Northwest. Now, I know what you’re thinking; Is hiking consider a vacation? It is the way I do it! While Shawn is very outdoorsy, I’m more of a survivalista. I pride myself on always being prepared no matter how out-of-my-element I feel. This brings me to the ultimate list of hiking essentials for every girl! Yes, my list is mostly snacks, but do you really need anything else to have a good time?


Shawn loves to hike. This means that I can keep most of my mascaras at home and stick to the hiking essentials. I never leave home without my SPF and some sort of lip treatment. The best thing about this particular lip balm? It’s basically just petroleum jelly, so I can bring it with us incase one of us has a cut or scrape (*insert brownie points for multifunction products*).

I also used this chance to get rid of a bunch of samples that I had around the house. Hair serums and face cleansers make for great day packs and it means I don’t have to bring them back with me at the end of the trip! I also grabbed important extras like hand sanitizer and hair rubber bands. You can never have too many packs of either.


Snacks are my life line. They’re more of a life essential than a hiking essential, but we’ll let it slide this one time. While Shawn can go hours without a meal, I practically chew on my arm if I think we won’t stop for a lunch break. I made sure to bring lots of protein-packed goodies plus some tea and coffee samples to keep me on my best “girlfriend” behavior.

How did I decide which boxes to buy? Trader Joe’s was my go-to when trying new snacks. They always have samples in their store and I bought one of each granola bar for us to try. It was actually a really fun vacation prep day when we picked through all of the yummy options to decided what we wanted to bring! Once we narrowed down our list, I bought a few boxes of snacks I knew we liked. We didn’t have to waste several snacks and ended up only buying items we knew would get eaten.


It’s just good sense to bring a few random items even when you think you might not have room. SPF chapstick and Charmin TP will always be in my Camelbak. Plus, I don’t know if you heard, but it rains a lot in the Northwest. A. Lot. I try to keep my day pack as light as possible, but I will always keep necessities like this with me. We’re staying at a few places with a washer and dryer, and I’m bringing a Tide sample pack with me just in case (seriously, if you love samples then become a blogger).

All in all, I’m pumped for a great trip. Even though I’m not the kind of gal who can hike 10 miles without a loaf of bread (no sharing), I feel good about my compact list of hiking essentials.