Grease Monkey


As much as you guys probably don’t want to hear about how oily my skin is, I’m going to talk about it anyway.

I have been on eight airplanes in the last two weeks, and my face absolutely HATES me for it. Airports are germy buildings full of sleep-deprived people going from point A to point B, (and back to point A) and they somehow ALWAYS manage to give me twice the blemishes of my average skin cycle.

Because I pretty much know I look like a grease monkey (gross, I know) when I travel, I do my best to have products on hand that will reduce some of that dirt and oil.

  1. Chapstick – As opposite as it sounds, I have to travel with lots of lip moisturizer, because I’m trying so hard to dry the rest of my skin out a little bit. I also get very dehydrated when I travel, and chapstick helps me maintain some of that moisture when I haven’t had enough water that day.
  2. Eye Cream – Sort of going along with the chapstick theme, I needed lots of TLC for the elephant-sized bags under my eyes. As much as I want to reduce the shine on my forehead and cheeks, I never get blemishes under my eyes, and they can easily get too dry if I ever travel to a place with cooler weather. I like to keep some sort of eye cream on hand to not only reduce any redness I may have, but also to bring my skin forward a little and look more alert.
  3. Dry Shampoo – Okay, here’s where we get to the nitty gritty of the post. As bad as it is to call myself a grease monkey, my hair is incredibly fine and can build up oil more quickly that most ladies with thicker hair. This mango coconut dry shampoo by Bamboo Beach is amazing, and doesn’t smell chalky, like baby powder. It also earns additional bonus points for being non-aerosol, meaning I can pack it in my suitcase without fear that it will be confiscated by TSA.
  4. Blemish Treatment – A little extra face medicine never hurt nobody and I especially need a few extra drops when I travel. Between touching one million doorknobs, to rubbing my face when I’m tired, all kinds of dirt is spread when I travel. I make it a habit to keep either benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid-based products on hand when I travel or have been wearing heavy make up. I especially like this Proactive Advanced Blemish Treatment because it works fast to try and reduce some of the redness that occurs when I get a blemish.
  5. Oil Absorbing Sheets – You don’t always have the luxury of washing your face in the middle of the day, and that would force you to reapply all of your make up over again. As a compromise, I like to use blotting paper to absorb some of the oil that has accumulated throughout the day.
  6. Hair Ties – I want to keep my hair out of my face, but want to avoid that crease in my hair that I can get from traditional elastics. I use these cloth hair ties as often as I can to reduce some of the “hair rings” that can occur when you put your hair up.

This will never a complete list of what to bring on an airplane, because I am constantly trying new products and learning more about what works well with my skin. I still try to experiment every now and then, so if you have some awesome tips you’d like to share, make sure to comment below and let me know your travel routine.