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Gladiator Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Dress: Target // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe

If you checked my Instagram yesterday, you already knew this adorable tee shirt dress would be on the blog, but the gladiator shoes are a new touch!

I have this crazy clothes problem where I either only wear a piece of clothing once, or I wear it to death to the point where my friends think I have a problem. It’s kind of funny actually because I love buying new clothes but when I find a staple that I can’t get enough of, (like anything denim) It’s hard to get me to wear anything else.

Because this dress from Target has got me hook, line and sinker, I have to find new ways to wear it so people don’t think I only have one dress in my closet. I’ve worn it with a jean jacket and sandals to church, and with a fedora and heels for dinner with the girls. Either way, this grey tee shirt dress goes with everything so I decided to pair it with some gladiator shoes for a more noticeable look.

The gladiator shoes, from Charlotte Russe, are a fun way to change up any look and are actually fairly comfortable for being what they are! I’ve had them all summer but for some reason haven’t put them on the website. I must be crazy. I also added a messy top knot and a pair of aviators because to be honest, I ran out of time that day and thought a top knot was better than nothing!

Although summer is almost over, the summer heat is in full force so until pumpkin spice lattes come back, get used to lots of mini dresses and fun sandals!