Gator Football

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Who’s ready for some Gator football?!

I can’t decide what is more insane. The fact that the Gators are still undefeated or that I’ve actually made it to a few games this season. Between traveling like a maniac this Fall, (more on that in the next few posts) and always being busy on the weekends, it’s hard to designate 8 hours on a Saturday for tailgating and football.

I haven’t made it to every game this season but I found a direct correlation between the games I went to, and the shoes I was wearing. I realized that every time I actually made it to the game and didn’t go home after a tailgate, I was wearing these awesome cowboy boots. Now, it’s not an exact science, but these boots have gotten me through some crazy adventures and they are actually comfortable!

Probably one of these most popular styles ever sold, these Santa Fe boots from Tony Lama are just about the greatest cowboy boots on the planet. I mean it! I’ve had them for almost 4 years and I wear them more than any other cowboy boots in my closet. If you happen to catch me at the game, you’ll know why.  😉