Frye’s Before Guys
Frye, the oldest footwear company in the U.S., is over 150 years old, which is about how long the boots are supposed to last. I like to shop at inexpensive stores, such as Forever21, but I appreciate the timelessness of a boot that can last a lifetime. Frye’s are made of premium leather and cost more than my utility bill, but they are destined to remain a classic staple in a woman’s closet. The LBD of shoes, these boots have been worn time and time again through several fashion and cultural trends. 
After doing what was probably too much research on a really cute pair of boots, I came to understand the motto “fries before guys”. I realize the saying was originally about French fries, but I think it applies to boots as well. Think about it. These babies will never leave you, will always be comforting, and will last longer than any guy every could (150 years). I am exaggerating a little bit but you get the picture.
If you guys have Frye’s or other cute boots, tag me on Instagram so I can see!