Friday Favorites #2
Almay oil free eye makeup remover pads
Ok, we are all guilty when it comes to being too tired to wash our faces after a Thursday night of girlfriends and gossip. The best thing about these pads is how tightly sealed they are so they last a long time before drying out and they come in mini tubs to throw in your purse. If you’re not going to scrub a dub dub, promise me you will at least swipe these cute little pads over your eyes and cheeks before you slumber. I of all people hate washing my face when all I want to do is crawl into bed but dirt and oil gets clogged deep down into your pores the longer makeup stays on your face, not to mention all the dirt you are spreading onto your pillow case all night long!  Trust me on this one when I tell you that you would rather wipe your face at night than find pimples in the morning (can I get a “preach!”).  

Harper antique suede by Francesca’s 

I was shamelessly shopping on a school day trying to justify it by getting my little sister earrings for finishing her calculus exam when I ran across this candle in Francesca’s. Made of natural soy wax, the candle resembles a mix of Abercrombie & Fitch store and cedar & sage. (I never knew it would be so hard to describe a candle over a computer so I guess you’re just going to have to try it for yourself!) The candle has lasted me 3 weeks so far. I’m almost 2/3 of the way through the candle already but that’s because I have used it almost every day since the purchase…oops!  

Beauty Rush soothing lip balm: Pink Sugar
I know this product is a little older but I ran across it in my huge stash of lip glosses and forgot just how much I missed it! Of all the VS glosses, this is the least sticky which is good for me because stickiness is often a deal breaker. I hate when gloss gets all over my drink, hair, and of course man 😉 
The gloss is called “soothing” because it contains aloe and menthol.  It leaves your lips feeling fresh and has a hint of pink that doesn’t look overbearing.

As always, comment on your favorite products and suggest more for me to test!