Friday Favorites #1
Hi guys!
This is my first Friday Favorites post and I’m so excited because all of these products I am either obsessed with or have really seen a change with in my day to day appearance in skin/hair care. 
If you have any products you want me to test out feel free to comment!! 🙂

MAC mineralized blush: bi-tone

This is quite possibly my favorite blush ever.  I love the coppery gold that rests on top of the light plum color.  Because I have naturally oily skin, I make sure to only put this blush on the apples of my cheeks.  If I accidentally put too much on, the shimmer of the gold can be mistaken for a “shiny face” within a few hours.  
** Use sparingly because a little goes a long way when there is shimmer in a blush!

e.l.f. tinted moisturizer: nude

Like I said before, I have naturally oily skin so I hate moisturizer! But I live in Florida and need protection from the sun so some type of SPF in the morning is a must.  this moisturizer is light and spreads very well across my face.  It gives my face an all over soft look and covers up any little imperfections without loading on tons of make up that I will end up sweating off as I trek across campus.

Clinique Hair Shine Serum
This product is a life saver!! Definitely not for your roots, this product specializes in reducing fly-aways and giving your hair a soft, healthy shine throughout the day.  I only use about a nickel sized dollop (which actually might be more than you need because my hair is roughly 20” long).
I suggest a dime sized drop. 

Like I said, comment below and let me know what you think about these and other products!