Finding A Photographer

Bloggers rarely talk about the ugly truth of trying to get a decent photo of themselves. You wake up, try to transform into your shiny self, and then have to beg someone to capture the best photo of all time! Oh, and it’s either freezing or scorching hot. Either way, it’s uncomfortable.

Just be candid you might say? That’s even harder to manage! I swear, aiming for authenticity might kill me one day.

Over the years, I’v been lucky enough to work with some wonderful photographers. I’ve had some very talented friends and siblings be great behind the camera.

So Why Did I Move Away From Them?

I went from “having a system” with 1-3 people who had taken thousands of photos, to a few acquaintances asking “Is this this right button?”

Not to mention the fact that every time I move, my wardrobe gets smaller and smaller.

It’s a nightmare.

I tend to get a little panicky about anything that requires me to apply eyeliner, so I was flabbergasted when these photos turned out looking better than I expected! I suddenly realized that the more frustrated I became, the harder it was to take a normal looking photo.

My sassy self had to go!

Once I stopped expecting the worse, or only accepting the best, I was reminded of why I started blogging in the first place.


It’s not easy to take this approach, but it’s worth it. Whether it’s finding an outfit, or finding a photographer, it’s important to go with the flow.

I am slowly trying to take a more relaxed approach to something that is supposed to be fun in the first place. It truly takes the stress out of finding a photographer.

Textured Long Sleeve Pullover Blouse – A New Day via Target


Shoutout to the real MVP, the secret helper who took these pics.

And to the photographers who let us bloggers boss you around (and then ask you to “get our good side”) we salute you!